The latest Nail Designs are of different types according to the fashion trend of a particular area.Some of these nail styles are awesome to groom personality look.These Nail Styles are almost suitable and compatible with the popular prom dress styles as well.Some Nail Styles are glowing with a metallic lustre type look on it and some are evenly polished looking,Thus the various nail styles are designed and set by Top Fashion Designers of nails from around the globe.The Nail designs are taken by a typical woman according to her need and taste.Some of the nail trends you will see contains lining on the nail luster and also different coloured bits on these coloured lusters, thus having a look of multiple colours.
The article below discuss and shows the latest and top Nail Designs. These Nail styles are popular among various Top Fashion weeks and Fashion magazines.

Beautiful Nails are the part and parcel of the beauty of every woman. Every woman tries to keep her nail perfect, long and edgy because it is necessary for her nail beauty to keep it neat,clean and intact. Here we will tell about some Top Nail Art Trends that are adopted by different celebrities around the globe and many women are using and adopting these nail trends in the daily makeover for their show off. Old days of beautifying just with nail polish are gone, now there are various beautiful trendy nail art and nail style which are being used by women by following Fashion Tips all over the world.

These are very beautiful and gorgeous looking with various metallic and bright airy nail shades. You will find last season’s edgier manicures and latest edgier manicures.Fashion Stylist are introducing a lot of trendy fashion on nails. It also depends on the area where you are living. These nail trends are also mentioned in the latest fashion magazine.There are many asos products available in the market for nail care.

Nail Shapes

Now in the latest century, in the world of glamour and fashion you need some extra looks, so also women try to have a unique look for their Nail.The nails are now cut and designed in various shapes.
Some keep long nails and with sharp edges.Some use shiners and then color these Nails with various nail accessories.
Every girl adopts a different type of nail shapes to provide herself unique and standing appearances.Here Fashionblogdays collects different types of nail shapes that are most trendy and are adopted by the Fashion Stylist.

Round shaped Nails

Top Nail Art Trends fashionblogdays
Round shape nails are most commonly used shape. This shape is formal and adopted in every occasion.Its beauty is its simplicity.The trend of this shape is seen in formal parties, house functions, and small celebrations.

Square shaped Nails

Top Nail Art Trends fashionblogdays.
Square shape nails are most common in teenagers. Young girls do not go for the old round shape all the time. It is the start of the nail fashion and suitable for any kind of dressing. Most appropriate kind of nail fashion for every sort of function.

Oval shaped Nails

top nail art trends fashionblogdays..
This shape is followed by the decent Apparel dressing. It is a big long in length and cut in the oval shape to give a nice finishing.This shape can be obtained using a file.Long nail lovers wear this shape.

Almond shaped Nails

top nail art trends fashionblogdays.
Almond shape is the party trend shape. It is pointed at the middle. Originated from the oval shape. This shape is popular for an informal and party time.

Latest Nail Designs

.The Latest Nail Designs are now a days in fashion.The fashion styling of these nails look very glamorous and beautiful.We have provided some beautiful nail trend nice looking pictures, have a look at them and try to follow these to have a splendid look for your Nails.Now get ready to experience the most trendy and popular Nail Art of Fashion Blog.Top world class and most popular Arts of Nail are as follows
top nail art Trends Fashionblogdays
The top nail design 2016 is black dots on yellow base making it prominent party wear design.
top nail art trends fashionblogdays..,jpg
This Nail designed is copied from NY Fashion Week.This nails Style is Best for the summer season and will give a prominent look with printed apparel.
top nail art Trends Fashionblogdays
The light golden based with small dots make it elegant than other common nail arts.A party wear Nail design has never been used or seen before.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Beautiful and hottest black glitter nail design for night functions.
nail designs fashionblogdays
top class unique and simple nail art for beautiful white hands.
top nail art trends. fashionblogday
Dark purple shade with glitter on one finger of both hands provides a better look, to your personality.These Nails are suitable for dull or dark colored clothing.
top nail art trends fashionblogdays.
Black and pink combination shade of these nail designs makes it specific for summer days.It is suitable for the day time party or casual wearing of light colors.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Award wining art in Glamour Magazine best summer and spring design gathering all the coolest color combination
Top Nail Art Trends fashionblogdays
This is the popular Street Fashion of the week.Shocking pink color and a small loving heart making it unique.This Nail art is suitable for the age limit of 16-24.
Top nail art trends fashionblogdays
This simple and decent style can be adopted by the teenager as well as elder women.The round shaped Nails are given an edgy look with one finger at edge stripes.
Top Nail Art Trends in fashionblogdays
This light sky printed design can be used in winter as well as in summer.
Top nail art trends fashionblogdays
This beautiful and elegant design of nail art is best to use in wedding or night party Apparel which definitely make you prominent in others.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Best casual nail designs for university or office working.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Dark base with golden touch art on square shape Nail copied by many Models.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Night theme Art of nails loveable and suitable for casual winter nights.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Light green mild theme for coolness in the hot days of summer. Simple but great idea of Nail styles.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Wana shape your foot nails with casual style. Try this one and make your beauty to speak herself.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Try out this pure black shiny nail paint with the fashion advice of Top Fashion Designers
nail designs fashionblogdays
Bring all the colors of life to your finger tips using this Nail designs and enjoy the charm of Colorful Fashion era.
nail designs fashionblogdays
One of the best Nail designs for Brides.Hotest trendy design in Fashion Magazine 2016.
nail designs fashionblogdays
Another Matchless and unique but coolest Nail Designs for these hootest summers.
nail designs fashionblogdays
A cartoon Art in Nails designed specially for the spring season.The hotest Model Hilray Rahoda display this design in her last Ny Fashion Week.
nail designs
A flowered base display of Nail designs.
You can now get all of your thought and ideas into your nails by the help of Nail designs Arts.
Fashionblogdays hope that we provide you the best and unique Nail Art Designs that are in the Fashion Trend.Keep following our website


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