12 best men beard styles you need to grow in 2020
12 best men beard styles you need to grow in 2020

12 best men beard styles you need to grow in 2020

Beard is back from the classic goatee, chin strap even mutton chops.

No doubt beard takes your look to the next level, emphasizes your best features and shows off your personality. Black men are embracing facial hair once again.

Men beard styles are a tricky task these days.

Read below for “Short beard styles 2020”

The important thing is women love the beard.

If you want to grow your beard or want to change your style then here are the top beard styles for black men.

Anchor beard

tony stark beard
tony stark beard

This is a pointed goatee style that is paired with a mustache creates the shape of anchor that why this style gets this name. After the marvel character, this style is also known as the ‘tony stark beard ‘.

Grooming is very important with this style regular trimming is very important if you want to keep the shape intact. Anchor beard is suited to men with round or rectangle faces.

Garibaldi beard


Garibaldi beard is named after the 19th-century Italian general Giuseppe who was known for his power in battle.

This style gives a powerful and masculine look with the combination of mustache and round beard.

This style involves shaping the bottom of the beard into a slight. You’ve to trim regularly to maintain the garibaldi beard.

Short beard with shape up

Short beard with shape up (1)
Short beard with shape up (1)

Shape up is a popular choice for many black men when it comes to grooming your beard.it creates a sharp line between your hair and skin by shaving the cheeks.

A curved line looks unique and stands out while straight lines can make your face look more angular.

This style can be combined with any facial hairstyle.NBA star LeBron James famously paired his full beard with angled shape.

This style looks best with a short beard.

Classic beard

Classic beard (1)
Classic beard (1)

There is nothing like this full beard style. It’s a versatile look that effortlessly masculine. This style was famous in 1970, black men are embracing the full beard once again because can be adapted from everyone. This style suits everyone.

You can get the appearance of a stronger jawline or balance your face with the help of your barber. A classic haircut looks great with many different hairstyles.



A goatee is a popular look for black men because it’s the quickest & easiest beard to grow. It’s also a great choice if your facial hairs tend to be patchy on your cheeks you can keep them shaved clean.it suits every face shape but men with a round face will appreciate the goatee. Because it draws attention to the center of their face.

(Men Street styles)

Short beard

Short beard (1)
Short beard (1)

Each hair is one to two inches long in a short beard. This is an ideal option for black men because they look great and are easy to maintain. A great option for men who can grow a uniform beard and looks best with short beard style.

It’s crucial to discuss with barber which areas to leave longer and shorter because your facial features will still be visible with a short beard.

(Natural hairstyles Trends)

Mutton chops


Mutton chops is a retro-style coming back into fashion. Suit on men looking for a bold and individual beard style. Long and full sideburns cut at a side angle defined this style because they are closely associated with the men of the old west.

You can give a modern twist by growing chops into a beard and can keep it neat with regular trips to the barber. If you maintain this style correctly this will give you a full face and an old school masculine look.

Bushy beard

Bushy beard (1)
Bushy beard (1)

The bushy beard can be adapted to suit any man. It hides the lower half of your face and you can make your face appear longer and a thicker beard can be trimmed to balance your feature. These beards take time to grow but they make look mature.

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Five’s clock beard

Five’s clock beard (1)
Five’s clock beard (1)

This beard style is also known as five’s clock shadow is the classic style for men .your beard grow in one or two days you can trim it down by using an electric shaver. With this look, you need to cleanly shave the edges of your beard on your neck and cheeks.to maintain the effortless vibe of this beard style you’ve to make sure the line is graduated rather than sharp.

Chin beard


Chin beard is the combination of thicker goatee connected to a shorter barely shaved mustache. Shave off any stubble on your cheek. Keep the focus on your beard and the center of your face.it suits more on men with the diamond face shape.


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Biker beard

Biker beard 1 (1)
Biker beard 1 (1)

the biker beard attracts attention with its dramatic look.it involves shaping your beard extra-long at the chin while keeping the sides straighter. Biker beard requires some extra care to stop it looking messy.

Regular trims are a must for black men its best to avoid lanolin-based oils instead choose a product with coconut oils.

Chinstrap beard

Chinstrap beard (1)
Chinstrap beard (1)

The chin strap beard is different from the chin beard. The beard is generally shorter and neater and can extend along the jawline.

This style is not connected to a mustache .the chin strap beard is perfect for men with rounder faces.

12 best short beard styles you need to grow in 2020

Here are some more styles for beard in 2020

Short beard “Triumph Beard”

Triumph Beard short beard styles
Triumph Beard short beard styles


Short beard styles “Hollywoodian Beard”


Short beard styles _Hollywoodian Beard_
Short beard styles _Hollywoodian Beard_


13 best beard and mustache waxes in 2020


13 best beard and moustache waxes in 2020
13 best beard and moustache waxes in 2020


Your mustache is one of the first things people will notice about you no matter you are young or old. It has a great deal of power how you perceived.

To ensure you don’t toe the line between a dapper dude and messy miscreant you should use mustache waxes. If you are interested in Short beard styles 2020, then it must be a good piece of information for you.

Mustache wax is essential for every fuzzy-lipped gent designed to keep your stache healthy smooth and under control.in this guide, we have collected the best of the bunch that will treat your beloved facial hair.

  1. Fisticuffs strong hold mustache wax

This is the strong ultimate hold stache wax. It gets the job done without all the fancy bells and whistles it will keep your facial hair in place for 24 hours.

It contains soothing ingredients that soften the hair and nourish the skin without leaving your beard greasy.

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  1. Fisticuffs old fashion mustache wax

The foamy solution of fisticuffs old fashion wax protects the skin and prevents irritations caused while shaving it softens the hair follicles so they can be shaved easily.

It is made without using any chemical that can harm your skin and it also exfoliates dead skin cells.

  1. Death grip Moustache wax

The death grip Moustache wax certainly lives up to its name and features a competition-grade strength that will keep your facial hair in place by providing the ultimate control when it comes styling.

it is the best all-natural mustache wax and it is also cruelty-free.

  1. Mountaineer brand all-natural mustache wax

Many natural formulas of beeswax are failed to provide the firm enough hold but this one is getting the job done.

This mountaineer brand all wax will keep your beard and stache perfectly shaped and In place for all day and contain no harsh chemical.

it contains natural ingredients and also has a pleasant and pine scent. so it will sit under your nose all day without invading your senses.

  1. can you handlebar all-natural secondary mustache wax

This wax delivers a super firm hold and overcomes the uncomfortable stiffness often caused by other mustache waxes.

It is made with all-natural ingredients it contains no artificial color and perfume.it contains zero petroleum simply a pure wax with pure ingredients.

it gets its hold from hearty ingredients such as wool wax and for a smooth spread, it also contains olive oil.

  1. Fisticuffs cigar blend mustache wax

This fisticuffs blend mustache wax contains soothing moisturizers, creams, and gels to prevent your skin from drying.

This smooth blend also helps to alleviate any small bumps razor rashes caused by shaving. The mixture is textured and it is also super easy to apply and won’t leave a mess.

  1. Stache bomb stache wax

Stache bomb wax is perfect for you if you’re after a wax which will still give you a little freedom to style your facial hair.

It does keep your mustache in shape and looking natural but it doesn’t provide the strongest hold.

it is a light color and works well with most of the hair shades. If your hair is a little unruly you may want to consider something with a little staying power.

  1. live bearded mustache wax

Live bearded mustache wax is probably the high quality sweetest smelling option available. The formula contains a subtle blend of honey, lemon scent, and cedar which will hold your facial hair in place without making it look stiff.

It is also a portable option due to its convenient tube which can comfortably fit in your pocket. These waxes will help you in maintaining “Short beard styles 2020”

  1. Wild Willie’s Stache wax

Wild Willie’s stache wax will keep your stache stuck down all day. While it differs from its competitors because you just need a small amount to keep your hair secured.

That’s mean you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your beard will stay neat and in place all day. It contains pure natural oil and no petroleum jelly.

The combination of the yellow beeswax and sweet almond oil works beautifully to condition your beard it will appear both well-nourished and healthy.

  1. Fisticuffs pine-scented strong mustache wax

Fisticuffs pine-scented mustache wax provides a superior hold with containing a dreamy blend of pine sap, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil.

It has a fresh outdoorsy scent and features essentials oil. It is ideal for men who live in a colder climate because it does not clump in the wintery weather.

  1. Opium den mustache wax by the bearded bastard

This is handcrafted in the heart of Texas. Opium den mustache wax is the strongest and pure natural mustache waxes in the market.

It offers superior hold without making it feel like your hair is glued to your lip. It’s mainly tobacco scent with species and is strong enough to be worn without aftershave.

  1. can you handlebar all-natural primary mustache wax

Can you all handlebar all-natural wax is specially designed to hold your stache in hold for 24 hours even in the hottest climate. It styles your mustache perfectly while also keeping it healthy.

It will style your mustache perfectly while also keeping it nourished and healthy.it contains vitamin E, shea butter and other ingredients.

This product is perfect for you if you’re growing your beard or mustache for the first time.

  1. Art natural beard and stache balm

Art natural stache balm will strengthen your facial hair while reducing breakage. This formula contains restorative jojoba grape seed oil sweet orange and more it is very gentle for underlying skin.

This is great if you are prone to skin irritations. It also provides a firm hold without leaving your beard looking stiff.



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