Lady Gaga Performing Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016

Lady Gaga Performing Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016
Lady Gaga Performing Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016

The important Fashion world related news of the week is that Victoria secret has confirmed Lady Gaga participation. Now Lady Gaga will perform in the coming Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This has been stated by Lingerie label. The famous singer lady Gaga will perform with other rock star singers. Along with Weeknd and Mars, Lady Gaga Performing Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016. The main thing to know is that this will be the first time that lady Gaga will perform and sing with other co-singers.
As you know that Fashion shows are held in different places of the world. Victoria Secret Fashion Show is one of these prominent Fashion Event in the industry. The Victoria Secret engages popular singers every year for performance. This year, Victoria has confirmed that Lady Gaga, Mars and Weeknd will be the part of these performances. Because Lady Gaga has been completing her success stages, therefore it is worth, knowing about her. Now let us tell you some life history and professional field work of Lady Gaga, so you may know about the pop singer.

About Life Acheivements of Famous Singer lady Gaga

Original name of Lady gaga is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was born on 28th of March, 1986. In the world of showbiz, art and singing, she is famous with the name of Lady Gaga. Most of all, notice that from an ordinary school girl, She raised to the status of a Singer, an Artist and an Actress. Lady Gaga has the ability of song writing and Fashion lyrics as well. Let us look into Her works and achievements below.

  • In Sony Music, Lady Gaga worked as a songwriter.
  • For Atv publications, Gaga also served as a song writer.
  • The Fame” was her first album, that was very successful.
  • She has sung American National Anthem at Superbowl.
  • Gaga has won a T.V award for an American Horror serial.
  • Golden Globe award was also awarded to her by American Drama industry.
  • Twelve Guinness World records are especially relevant to Her name.
  • Gaga has the prestige of winning Fashion Icon Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • She was honoured with Billboard’s Woman Of the Year in 2015.
  • Lady Gaga runs a social foundation named, “Born This Way Foundation”.
  • She has appeared on Forbes’s most influential list as well.
  • Lady Gaga has also won six Grammy Awards.
  • Three Brit Awards are also awarded to this efficient lady.
  • She has been the top-selling singer and musician till date.

So, hope this short overview of the achievements of Lady Gaga will probably drive you to her great impact in the Fashion world. Fashionblogdays has the honour of presenting the life achievements of such an elegant star.For more on news about Lady Gaga Performing Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016  and For more on fashion related events, keep visiting our web pages and blogs.


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